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What is Spread Footing?[]

Spread footings are a kind of structural element that serves as a base for the foundation of a building. These structures are constructed of concrete and often reinforced with steel or rebar to provide an additional level of support.

Depending on the dimensions and design of the building footers could be placed just below the surface or a few feet below the surface. In colder climates, they must be placed under the frost line to prevent problems with the heaving of concrete that happens during freeze/thaw cycles. Also Read: Stucco foundation repair

Spread footings can also be used along with spot feet, especially for larger structures. When it is this way the spread footing is placed under the foundation in its entirety that typically covers only the walls on the outside. Spot footers are put beneath individual points on the interior walls to spread heavy loads across the larger area. Also Read: Cost of drain tile system