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What Is a Tie Beam?[]

This type of beam is provided between the columns to support the column when the height of the roof or slab of a building is higher than the normal height.

Tie time beams are usually provided at floor level and plinth level. The purpose of the tie beam is to support the wall, which is unable to carry any vertical load.

The purpose of the tiebeam is to reduce the height of the supported column when the height of the floor is higher. The tie beam provides support between the columns by reducing the height of the column.

Two columns supported beams are provided at any height above the level of the structure to make the whole structure more stable and stronger at the base level, which is known as a tie beam.

The tie beam is sometimes connected to two or more footings, which bears all the stress coming due to the column. In typical buildings, a tie beam serves to connect column footings or piles.